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100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


Yoga the gateway to spirituality, make yourself connected to your inner self and feel closer to god.


Find peace within yourself and around yourself


A road to great adventure and new experiences


Yoga - the path to healing yourself and attaining the best of your health.

What is 100-hour yoga teacher training?

100-hour yoga teacher training is designed for those who wants to brush up their yoga skills in just few days. In 100 hour TTC you can get the deepen knowledge of various form of yoga such as:

  • History and philosophy of yoga.
  • Human Anatomy.
  • Mudra Poses.
  • Chanting of Mantras.
  • Meditation
  • Ashtanga vinyasa yoga
  • Hatha yoga

These various techniques or forms of yoga makes you expertise in yoga in just few days. The best part of this course is you will get the certificate from yoga alliance USA and we all know that yoga alliance World Wide famous for yoga teacher training program. After getting the certificate you feel confident that helps you to trained others and all about taking your practice to its next level, and also enhance the ability to share it to others. This training program aims to fulfilling the individual interest who wish to get yoga skills and yoga alliance certificate in just few days which will help you to build your career as Yoga therapists/ teachers and research worker/medical doctors.


  • Teaching of specific angles of yoga posture
  • Daily classes organized to teach you various forms of Yoga
  • Daily yoga mantra chanting and Karma yoga
  • Indian Philosophy introductory which includes Sankhya, Vedanta and yoga which will help you to enhance your knowledge regarding yoga
  • Daily meditation and Relaxation Practice Guidance
  • Pranayama practice and deep breath awareness and practice.
  • Confidence-building through practice teaching.
  • Certificate from yoga alliance, USA in 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program
  • Yoga Philosophy, Ideas and Hypothesis.
  • Story of various posture with their Sanskrit name for your Better understanding.
  • 100 YTTC Includes Asanas , pranayama , meditation, mudras, bandhas, kriyas.
  • 100-hour Intensive yoga teacher training course also includes teaching methodology, yogic anatomy and physiology and yogic philosophy.

Syllabus of 100-hour yoga teacher training course

  • Meaning of Yoga
  • Yoga Philosophy and its Evolution.
  • Introduction to meditation.
  • Definition of yoga.
  • Introduction of Various Forms of Yoga
  • Breathing Awareness Meditation.
  • Learn various Postures of Yoga.
  • Mantra chanting
  • Kriyas
  • Bandhas
  • Meditation Techiniques
  • Study of Human Body.
  • Digestive System.
  • Organs Bodily Systems
  • Respiratory System.
  • Nervous System
  • Endocrine System
  • About pranayama (Breathing Technique).
  • Classification of Pranayama.
  • Benefits of Pranayama.
  • General Guidelines
  • Ujjayi.
  • Bhastrika.
  • KapalBhati.
  • Bhramari.
  • Surya.
  • Nadi.
  • Clavicular.
  • Cleansing of Lungs
  • Jalaneti.
  • Rubber-Neti.
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Benefits of 100-hour Yoga teacher training

Learn the Hatha Yoga sessions: In 100 hour Teacher Training course you can efficiently learn about different Techniques of Hatha yoga which includes

  • Samadhi.
  • Pranayama.
  • Mudra.
  • Bandha
  • Asana.

Yoga philosophy and introductory of Yoga : During this training you will get the important information regarding the philosophy of Yoga. These philosophy and theories helps to enhance your knowledge regarding Yoga.
Increase your Muscle Strength : As we all know that you will get strong muscle strength after practicing various techniques of yoga. And in this course you will get to learn these all Techinques
Good hold on breathing work : In100 hour teacher training, your trainers always will make you learn, how to control the breathing during the yoga and meditation practices.
Deep knowledge of human body structure : In this you will learnings about the anatomy of the human body. In the classes of Anatomy , your yoga guid will teach you about the structure and functioning of human body. This information and the deeply knowledge about yoga will definitely help you to make you expertise in yoga.
Increase your bone health and your blood flow : While doing the yoga postures, it will definitely helps you to increase yout Bone Health and Your blood Flow. In this yoga teacher training, the yoga trainers will offer you the proper training for different meditations.


100 hour yoga TTC Certificate affiliated and internationally accredited with Yoga Alliance USA.

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Career options after Yoga teacher training

The word “yoga ” literally means “union”. Yoga is an ancient art and a natural way of remaining fit and healthy and it is very Powertfull way to enhance your spiritual strenght. And also remove the negativity of your mind. An integral part of Yoga is practicing asana and pranayam. Now a days Yoga teacher Training is on Demands. Yoga trainer/instructor jobs are quite immense in present time. One can enjoy after completion of course at a best yoga teacher training in India. One can also choose a career in the field of research and training or can work as a yoga therapist to treat minor ailments and disorders by imparting coaching in yoga. The popularity of the yoga teacher
Training program has opened doors for yoga trainers/instructors/experts to work as instructors in resorts, gym, schools, health centers, tourist resorts, housing societies and large organizations. Even TV channels also hire proficient yoga trainers. In fact, the yoga students grab excellent yoga jobs involving handsome package and other facilities, even while pursuing training at the yoga teacher training course. One can also opt for self-employment by opening own yoga classes/centers. Career Opportunities in Yoga After completing one’s education, a student of yoga sciences can look for jobs in the following areas:

  • Research Officer- Yoga and Naturopathy
  • Yoga Aerobics Instructor
  • Assistant Ayurvedic Doctor
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Yoga Therapist
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Therapists and Naturopaths
  • Trainer/ Instructor Health Club

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