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Benefits of Yoga | how yoga help in your life

Benefits of Yoga

In 2008, Harris Interactive Service Bureau, on behalf of the magazine Yoga Journal, conducted a study called “Yoga in America”, and found that 6.9% of U.S. ad...

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Peaceful Little ones the Influence of Childrens Yoga

Yoga for kids is fantastic, the mixture of distinctive yoga moves, breathing exercise routines and relaxations will energize, reinforce, loosen and balance small bodies, even though helping to serene ...

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6 Reasons Why You Should Take a Prenatal Yoga Class

Practicing prenatal yoga during pregnancy will you keep you calm and strong, preparing you and your baby for a healthy life ahead. Whether you are brand new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, joinin...

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7 Benefits of Hatha Yoga | Book Yoga Studio

There are many benefits of hatha yoga but hereby we will be discussing the ‘7 best benefits of Hatha Yoga’ you can increase your immune syst...

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Try out 6 Simple type of Yoga asanas to reduce belly fat

Lack of exercise, Unhealthy eating habits, and high-stress levels are all reasons for belly fat. The wider your abdomen gets, the higher the level of risk. Ther...

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How Yoga can help in Anxiety and Panic Disorder

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Yoga Poses for The Beginners and its Benefits

What is Yoga? Read More

why yoga is important in everyday life and why you should do yoga

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