10 Changes yoga brings in your body and life

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10 Changes yoga brings in your body and life

Here are The 10 changes that yoga brings to your life  are as follows:


1.     It kicks you out of your comfort zone - As a newbie on the mat, even the most basic asanas may be a struggle but with time you will get out of it and learn how to do the poses easily.


2.     You become fearless - As you move from the basic asanas to more complicated arm balances and such, you lose the fear of falling, and that transfers into other areas of life.


3.     You gain confidence - Mastering the asanas you thought were beyond you makes you more than a conquer. it makes you a yoga god/goddess!


4.     You learn to quiet your mind - Even the most chaotic minds can find their yogic serenity when they step into a studio or onto their mat.


5.     You learn the lingo - Before your yoga days, you didn’t know your ass from an asana. But once you get involved, you learn a whole new language, and a new way of living, too. But that last part is going somewhere else on this list.


6.     You become a corpse - By that I mean, you learn to lie still in Savasana, where being numb to the world is where it’s at.


7.     You connect with your breath - We don't often think about our breathing, and how it directs the body, until yoga awakens our awareness.


8.     You master your breath - Once you begin step 10, you can move on to mastering the breath and cleansing your body with intentional breathing that detoxifies and cleanses your body and mind.


9.     You stand taller - As a result of your newfound confidence, spine-lengthening asanas, and better posture too.


10. You lose control — of your body. That is, you start doing yoga all over the place: foward fold in the grocery store, High Lunge in your hallway. It feels so good to bend and pose, you do it everywhere!

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