Mindset to adopt before starting your Yoga Journey

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Mindset to adopt before starting your Yoga Journey

What is Yoga?


Yoga is a way of life. It extends way beyond our classes and work out sessions, and extends into every aspect. The yogic lifestyle is highly beneficial for ourselves as well as for the world around us. In these times of environmental crisis, if we all take the oath to make a few changes to adopt the yoga lifestyle, we can make the world a better place.


Yoga: Study and Implement


The best way to approach the Yogic Lifestyle is by studying. While the ancient Sanskrit Vedas are the best thing to read, it might not be an easy journey.You can also read about the journeys of other modern yogis and how they incorporated the lifestyle in their lives. To help reinforce your commitment, you can take the help of social media to find inspiration from people who have embraced this way of life as well as to connect with other yoga enthusiasts.

Choosing the yoga lifestyle encourages us to introduce a few conscious little changes in your everyday life. These changes go a long way to improving our health. A clean and healthy lifestyle invigorates the body and enhances the functioning of the organ systems. It improves our mental health as well. By building a spiritual connection and making conscious choices, we become better human beings who care not only about ourselves but also for others.


Steps needs to consider when to start yoga journey


1.    Step One: Growth Vs Fixed

     A fixed minded person believes that their talents are fixed and permanent. They have what they have, and they can’t move beyond that. If they can’t do it, then they can’t do it and no amount of work is going to change that. The more you practice something, the better you’ll get at it. Anything can be learned and developed with time and practice.


2.     Step Two: Self-Study and Awareness

    This is a big one. It’s one I still struggle with – but I’m working at it. Yogi’s practice self-study and awareness EVERY DAY. They are in tune with their body, and understand its needs. This can come through daily meditation. I’m working to be more aware of my body and my mind. This also centers on removing negativity from your thoughts. It’s so easy to think harsh or negative thoughts about yourself or others, but learning to shove those to the side to make room for positivity is important. Banishing thoughts like that as soon as they come to you is key.


3.     Step Three: Discipline

     This is usually the hardest part for people. Learning each pose in yoga is hard. Having a constant positive attitude is hard. Remembering to think in a growth mindset is HARD. This isn’t something you can just have all of a sudden.  Yoga requires a regular discipline and practice to master.


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