why yoga is important in everyday life and why you should do yoga

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why yoga is important in everyday life and why you should do yoga



Yoga plays  very important role in our life because yoga is not just physical asana practices but a lot more than this ,once we know about yoga we will find its not only the physical practice ,yoga have many other factors in it ,yoga have the power to heal your body and mind,yoga can awake your higher consiousness ,yoga can help you to find out the best version of you,once you start yoga practice you have to follow the all  8 limbs of yoga to attain the samadhi {higher conciousness}.




Yoga is important in our daily life because once you can see people are very busy in their daily life ,travelling ,working for hours in computer,attending meeting ,driving for hours and the physical work now a days is no more is our life ,then once you start yoga practice you start working on your body ,mind,breathing, which helps you to releash all the stress and tiredness from your body and mind and prepares you for your daily  routine.


Peoples have many thinking running in their mind for everything but once you know what is yoga and why it is important in our daily life they are going to love yoga ,there are people who is not physically fit and they feel hard to join yoga but they need to know yoga is for them to so they can improve their physical and mental strength through the practice of yoga.


Once people wants to know why yoga is important in their dailly life they will see yoga is a perfact opportunity to find out who they really are and whats their purpose in this human life and how they can use yoga in their work because whatever your work is yoga can help you to go deeper in your work with an easy way.

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