Dr. Shobha Shree
Dr. Shobha Shree
Yoga Teacher

Rishikesh, India

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About Me

Dr Shobha Shree was born in a spiritual family of Haridwar, a famous pilgrimage of India. She was brought up in the spiritual environment of mantra chanting and study of philosophy in her family from her childhood. Therefore, she had a keen desire of getting higher education in yoga philosophy and of doing her spiritual practice. Dr Shobha has done PhD in yoga philosophy from Gurukul Kangari University, Haridwar, post-graduation in philosophy and psychology and one-year diploma in yoga. She was initiated from Himalayan tradition where she received deeper knowledge of yoga and philosophy from Swamy Veda Bharti ji, Himalayan Tradition. At present she is sharing knowledge of yoga philosophy(yoga sutra, Bhagavad Gita and other philosophy), yoga psychology, Pranayama. Meditation and yoga nidra(pranic healing) in yoga TTC in Rishikesh for 8 years. She believes in nonviolence, love and trust on Supreme Reality and by following we can achieve peace and the heights of spirituality. She loves to live in Nature. 
At present, she is Teaching at Vedic Yoga Foundation.


  • PhD in yoga philosophy from Gurukul Kangari University


  • Yoga TTC

Work Experience

  • Yoga teacher in Vedic Yoga Foundation

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