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I have studied and practiced yoga since 1994. I originally trained as an Iyengar teacher (introductory certificate obtained in 1998), but my practice and teaching have since been influenced by a number of other yoga styles, particularly ashtanga vinyasa and the Atma Vikasa style of Acharaya Venkatesh (from Mysore, India), who was my main teacher for a number of years.

My quest for a balanced practice led me early on to also study the teachings and practices of Buddhism, which I have found to complement and enrich my hatha yoga practice. I practice meditation daily and attends retreats in various Buddhist traditions. 

My strong interest in breathwork has lead me to develop a safe and systematic approach to breathwork, drawing from classical pranayama and mindfulness Buddhist practices, both of which I have been studying for over 20 years with senior teachers from all over the world. I now regularly run Continuous Professional Development workshops in breathwork for yoga teachers.

I am a co-founder  of Macalla Farm (Clare Island Retreat Centre) one of Ireland first yoga retreat centre, regularly running quality yoga and meditaion retreats since 2001.  I am certified by the Independent Yoga Network as a senior (1000 hours) teacher and have taught more than 5000 hours, on residential retreats, workshops and occasionnaly on weekly classes.


  • Iyengar introductory certificate
  • IYN 1000 hours


  • Iyengar introductory certificate

Work Experience

  • over 20 years teaching yoga on residential retreats, workshops and occasionnaly on weekly classes

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